What is CPR?

It is the regulation aiming to declare with regard to the application of CE marking on the materials used in the buildings and determination of the performance of these materials. Designed for the free movement of construction products in the EU. This has created a common language that offers uniform assessment methods throughout the European Economic Area. These assessment methods are specified in EN 50575. It will be applied from the manufacturer to the end users. Cables that meet these specifications completely or partially will be coded with CE mark as of July 2017.

Example coding is as follows.

Cca s1 – d1 – a1

What is the scope and purpose of the CPR? Determines the procedures and principles regarding the placing and placing of building materials in the market.

The manufacturers declare the performance of the products and receive the demands of the Distributors’ products that are appropriate for their customers and users. Users (architects, engineers, contractors, etc.) choose the most suitable products for use in construction works and make demands. CPR is an application aimed at protecting the safety of life and property during the fire and improving the quality of the product. This practice will prevent unfair competition, especially between cable manufacturers and CPR will be the product’s visa.

Let us recall the transition period of the Building Materials Directive from CPR; CPD – Construction Products Directive 89/106 / EEC

December 21, 1988

CPR – Construction Products Regulation (EU) No:

April 4, 2011

Implementation of CPR by law in European Union countries

July 1, 2013

Release of EN 50575 for cables by CENELEC

September 1, 2014

Publication of EN 50575 for cables in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

July 1, 2015

Implementation of the EN 50575 standard and CE marking for cables

July 1, 2016

Implementation of the EN 50575 standard and CE marking for cables

July 1, 2017

The new obligations imposed by the CPR to the producers:

The manufacturer makes a declaration of performance in accordance with the relevant standards and assumes responsibility for the conformity of the product produced with the declared performance.
The manufacturer prepares and declares the electronic or written copy of the declaration of performance in accordance with the format specified in the standards.
The manufacturer must ensure that the performance declared for a product does not change in the intervals declared by the product.
The manufacturer is obliged to attach the CE marking and accompanying information to the product label in the format specified in the 50575 standard.
Making sure that it meets the CPR requirements placed on the market involves the responsibility that extends not only to manufacturers but to end users.

Benefits of CPR:

A common technical language has been established for all European Union countries and countries that wish to export to European Union countries.
An important step has been taken regarding fire safety.
Serious legal obstacles and sanctions have been introduced for the entry of low quality products that do not comply with the standards, thus preventing unfair competition.

CPR for cable;

For the cable industry, it requires the declaration of the fire performance of the cables and the affixing of the CE marking. Cables subject to CPR; Cables for electrical and communication purposes in buildings and other civil engineering works and cables subject to fire response performance requirements. Cables designed for future electrical, communications and fire situations. Detection and alarm cables in buildings and other civil engineering works to maintain the power and / or signal supply of safety equipment.

Information on the requirements of fire performances, tests and criteria related to these requirements, assessment and verification of the stability of fire performance are contained in EN 50575. The performance requirements of the EN 50575 standard refer to EN ISO 1716, EN 50399, EN 60332-1-2, EN 61034-2, EN 60754-2 test methods.

Fire class performances were determined as B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca, Fca according to EN13501-6. Superficially, the B2ca fire performance represents the best cable and the Eca fire performance represents the lowest cable. The Fca class means that the class is unspecified.


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